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CMP Jr. Rifle League:  April 4, 11, 18 and 25. Choose your start time: 6:00, 7:00 or 7:45PM. Open to all youth age 12 - 19. All equipment and supplies provided, free of charge. No membership required.  Click here to Register    Members who would like to volunteer to help send an email to:

Trap League: Every Tuesday, May ~ September, 6:00PM.  Open to the Public.
Clean up Event: Wednesday, 4/12 and 4/18
June Social: Tuesday, 6/20
July Social: Tuesday, 7/18
August Social: Tuesday, 8/15

Woman's Day at the Range:  8/26

Meeting Schedule.

  • Winter Location is Whitestown Overseas Veterans Association - VFW Post 7393, 21 Garden St, New York Mills NY

  • Summer meetings held at the club


.22 Rifle league, for youth age 12 - 19, in affiliation with the CMP. Held April 2, 9, 16 and 23 at the Pairs Gun Club indoor range. Open to the public. 


Woman's Day At The Range

Woman's Day at the Range even: August 24, 2024.  Archery, Shotgun, Rifle, Pistol and other events - only for the Ladies.  Go here to register

Club Instructors for Pistol Permit Pre-Licensing and other firearms & safety classes:

Lisa Clemons    315 796 4640


Dean Grant      315-723-4426


Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP)

The primary function of the CMP is “to instruct citizens of the United States in marksmanship; (and) to promote practice and safety in the use of firearms.”

M1 Garand matches are planned for 6/15 and 9/14/2024.  Any US Service rifle may be used, including AR-15.  Foreign bolt-action service rifles may also be used, such as K-98, 7.5Swiss, 6.5Swede, 91/30 and others. Greenfield has M1s and proper ammo for competitor use.


League starts Tuesday, May 7 at 6:00PM, and continues through September.

We are in need of an assistant program leader for Trap. If you are interested, contact Club President Mike Bambino

In trap shooting, contestants fire from a series of five stations located 16 yd (14.63 m) behind the trap. At a signal from the contestant, the clay target is hurled forward into the air, away from the firing line. In order to simulate the unpredictable flight patterns of birds taking wing, the targets are sprung out of the trap at various angles and in various directions. The clay pigeons rise to a minimum height of about 10 ft (about 3 m) and, unless hit, fall to the ground about 150 ft (about 45 m) from the trap.  For the beginner, almost any 20ga, 16ga or 12ga shotgun can be used - Pump, double barrel, semi-auto and even shingle shot guns can be used.

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