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CMP Jr. Rifle League:  April 4, 11, 18 and 25. Choose your start time: 6:00, 7:00 or 7:45PM. Open to all youth age 12 - 19. All equipment and supplies provided, free of charge. No membership required.  Click here to Register    Members who would like to volunteer to help send an email to:

The winter gate is up.  Members can park here and walk in to use the range.  Be sure to have your membership card on you if you go.

To promote a greater interest in our youth in the wise use of our forests, fish, and wildlife resources, and to enable them to use said resources to their full extent in a safe and enjoyable manner.
To promote a better relationship between the Sportsmen and Landowners.
To promote the safe use of firearms and encourage marksmanship training.
Greenfield's History
In 1935 the original site for the club is the current location for the Rte 12 Arterial and the President was Ed Hein.
In the 1950's the club moved to its current location at Stage Rd in South Trenton where it resides on over a 100 acres.
Current Board


President:  Michael Bambino

Vice President: Vacant

Treasurer:  Lisa Clemons

Recording Secretary:  Vacant

Financial Secretary:   Karen Baker


Board of Directors:  Henry Bick, Dean Grant, Mark Weber, Bill Bick, Paul Giardino


Trustees:  Frank Spartano, Rob Piperatta, Charlie Ellesworth

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